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Head of Inclusion

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Head of Inclusion is responsible to lead, manage, develop and maintain high quality Inclusion provision which enables quality teaching, excellent learning outcomes and success for all pupils. To model effective teaching, to coach and train colleagues and to teach across the school. Furthermore, to keep all aspects of paperwork including records and policies, up-to-date and actioned, as appropriate, and to assist in the direction and oversight of high standards of teaching and learning, student achievement and progression through effective inclusion for students with special educational needs Gifted and Talented students and students receiving counselling support.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Develop and oversee the implementation of the school's Inclusion strategy and policy

  2. Carry out assessments of pupils with SEN to identify needs and monitor progress - including observations in the classroom and meeting with teachers and parents

  3. Work with classroom teachers, the school leadership team, parents and relevant external agencies to develop, implement and monitor individual support/learning plans

  4. Provide regular updates on pupil progress through written reports and meetings with parents

  5. Provide advice, guidance and training to classroom teachers on supporting pupils with SOD

  6. Support teachers to develop schemes of work and learning programmes for pupils with SOD

  7. Support teachers to develop and implement effective teaching and behaviour management approaches in the classroom

  8. Develop and maintain systems for keeping pupil records, ensuring information is accurate and up to date

  9. Develop partnerships with parents to ensure that their views are considered and acted upon appropriately

  10. Develop, create policies related to the pastoral care and inclusion department such as (Child protection, wellbeing, Inclusion, SOD, gifted and talented, modification/accommodation, and safeguarding…etc. )

  11. Develop and train the Inclusion Department

  12. Ensure the inclusion department is following school/SPEA’s rules and regulations  

  13. Assessment of the student’s skills and abilities

  14. Prepares performance evaluations for one-to-one teaching assistants and special education teaching assistants

  15. Keeps abreast of research and other developments in the field of Learning Support, Special Education, and academically able

  16. Collaborate with the Admissions Office in screening new students for acceptance and/or placement

  17. Actively support the vision, ethos, culture and policies of the school

  18. Manage the identification and intervention support of additional learning needs including, but not limited to;

  • Gifted and Talented

  • Learning Support

  • External therapy support

  • Physical challenges



    • Master’s degree in special education/Inclusioc

    • Excellent English/ Arabic written and spoken


    • Minimum 3+ years’ experience working in a school environment


    • The ability to develop good personal relationships within a team

    • An effective and experienced communicator (written and verbal) to a variety of audiences

    • Proven leadership and management skill

    • Written communication skills 

    • Analytical and problem-solving skills

    • Organization skills

    • Interpersonal skills

About SAPS

SAMA American Private School, established in September 2012 in Sharjah, Al-Azra Private School district, is a modern two-story campus built to meet international safety standards. Equipped with modern ICT infrastructure and smart boards in all classrooms, we offer quality education from KG1 to grade twelve. Our school fosters a vibrant community, providing engaging curricular and co-curricular programs.

The campus includes a library, computer labs, science labs, art rooms, cafeteria, outdoor sports facilities, and a clinic. Over the years, our student population has grown from 342 to 1303, driven by parent satisfaction and continual improvement. We plan to expand further with an additional building featuring an indoor gym and spacious multi-purpose hall.

Our dedicated staff of 186 includes qualified teachers, administrators, and support staff. The campus is equipped with a modern CCTV system for enhanced safety and security.

We offer "user-pays" transport services on school-owned buses, ensuring safety, comfort, and supervision for all students. Our American Curriculum/CCSS focuses on English, Math, and Science, while complying with UAE Ministry of Education requirements for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies.

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