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SEN Teacher

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The SEN Teacher is responsible of identifying individual needs such as (physical disabilities, sensory impairments (i.e. hearing or visual), speech and language difficulties, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, conditions such as autism, social, emotional and mental health needs, or have a combination of these difficulties) and being responsible for creating a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. collaborate with the classroom teacher to define appropriate activities for the pupils in relation to the curriculum

  2. liaise with other professionals, such as social workers, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and educational psychologists

  3. Carry out administrative tasks, including updating and maintaining records of pupils' progress

  4. Managing the student’s behavior.

  5. prepare lessons and resources

  6. Develop and adapt conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of pupils

  7. Use special equipment and facilities, such as audio-visual materials and computers to stimulate interest in learning

  8. Use specialist skills, such as teaching Braille to pupils with visual impairments or sign language and lip reading to students who have hearing impairments

  9. Assess children who have long or short-term learning difficulties and work with colleagues to identify individual pupils' special needs

  10. Work closely with parents 

  11. Attend statutory annual reviews or other related meetings, such as Looked After Child (LAC) reviews, regarding students with an SEN, which may involve reviewing education, health and care (EHC) plan

  12. Lead gifted and talented plans and workshops

  13. Assist with identifying gifted and talented students, including review of student data and student testing

  14. Develop and implement lesson plans that fulfill the requirements of the gifted and talented program

  15. Plan a program of study that meets the individual needs, interest, and ability of gifted students based on the teacher’s goals and objectives

  16. Plan and use appropriate instructional strategies, activities for gifted and talented

  17. Employ a variety of instructional techniques and media which meet the needs and capabilities of gifted students

  18. Conduct student assessments and adapt curriculum and lesson plans accordingly, providing differentiation and extensions of lessons and implement changes based on the findings.

  19. Work cooperatively with the school staff and community to address gifted student’s needs.



    • Minimum Bachelors’ degree in the Special needs (accepted by the UAE Ministry of Education)


    • 3 years of experience in relevant fields


    • Knowledge and ability to implement

    • Ability to teach independently a range of teaching methodologies

    • Competent in using information technology

    • Communication skills

    • Research skills

    • Organizational skills

    • Adaptable

    • Patience 

About SAPS

SAMA American Private School, established in September 2012 in Sharjah, Al-Azra Private School district, is a modern two-story campus built to meet international safety standards. Equipped with modern ICT infrastructure and smart boards in all classrooms, we offer quality education from KG1 to grade twelve. Our school fosters a vibrant community, providing engaging curricular and co-curricular programs.

The campus includes a library, computer labs, science labs, art rooms, cafeteria, outdoor sports facilities, and a clinic. Over the years, our student population has grown from 342 to 1303, driven by parent satisfaction and continual improvement. We plan to expand further with an additional building featuring an indoor gym and spacious multi-purpose hall.

Our dedicated staff of 186 includes qualified teachers, administrators, and support staff. The campus is equipped with a modern CCTV system for enhanced safety and security.

We offer "user-pays" transport services on school-owned buses, ensuring safety, comfort, and supervision for all students. Our American Curriculum/CCSS focuses on English, Math, and Science, while complying with UAE Ministry of Education requirements for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies.

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