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School Transport Services

The school will provide all parents with the option of user-pays transport services through school-owned buses where the emphasis is on safety, comfort and appropriate supervision while in transit.

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All buses are brand new, equipped with surveillance cameras, and undergo regular maintenance and safety checks.

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Charges for user-pays transportation services are in accordance with UAE and Sharjah Education Zone laws. Parents will be notified of any levies or levy increases.

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Drivers possess the appropriate UAE license for transporting people and carry route maps to ensure efficient travel.

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Buses are equipped with first-aid kits and operational air conditioning for a comfortable journey.

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We ensure sufficient supervision of students during transit and maintain ongoing communication with our transportation staff to meet these standards.

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Buses are regularly cleaned, and any emergencies or accidents are immediately reported to the responsible staff member.

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Our transport services comply with all applicable transportation laws of the UAE.

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A dedicated staff oversees all transportation matters, ensuring safety and compliance, and remaining available by phone until all routes are completed.

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Helpers actively supervise students on the bus, carrying an operational phone at all times and reporting incidents as necessary.

At Sama American Private School, we prioritize your child's safety and comfort during their journey to and from school. Our reliable transport services ensure peace of mind for parents and students alike.

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