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Our Curriculum

At Sama American Private School, our curriculum is a beacon of educational excellence. Grounded in robust research, it's designed to empower our students with knowledge, skills, and adaptability, preparing them for the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

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Our curriculum is not just a collection of subjects; it's a thoughtfully designed framework built on rigorous research. This ensures that every lesson, activity, and assessment is rooted in the latest educational best practices.

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We understand that the future is uncertain. Therefore, our curriculum focuses on equipping students with adaptable skills. It emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and digital literacy—skills vital for success in an unknown future.

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Experiential Learning

We embrace experiential learning, a cornerstone of our curriculum. Students don't just learn from textbooks; they engage in hands-on experiences, critical thinking, and problem-solving. This practical approach enhances their ability to apply knowledge to real-world situations.

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Global Perspective

Our curriculum also instills a global perspective. We nurture students to appreciate diversity and cultural understanding, fostering their ability to work in multicultural environments.

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Project-Based Learning (PBL)

PBL is integrated into our curriculum. It fosters creativity, collaboration, and independent thinking. Students work on projects that mirror the complexities of the modern world, honing their abilities to innovate and find solutions.

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Continuous Improvement

We continuously evaluate and refine our curriculum based on emerging educational research and best practices. This ensures that our students receive the best possible education

Holistic Ecosystem

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Arabic & Islamic Studies

 Our curriculum is designed to meet the UAE Ministry of Education requirements and all statutory requirements for Arabic and Islamic studies. We provide a comprehensive range of learning opportunities, including interactive activities and field trips, to ensure that our students gain a deep understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic culture.



Our Science program encourages students to explore and discover the world around them. We provide hands-on experiences and interactive activities to help students develop their scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills.


English Language Arts

Our English Language Arts program focuses on developing students' communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We use a variety of teaching methods to ensure students become effective communicators and critical thinkers.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the world's cultures, geography, history, and government. We encourage students to think critically about societal issues and become active global citizens.



Our Mathematics program focuses on developing students' problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that encourages students to explore mathematical concepts and apply them to real-world situations.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program promotes healthy habits and an active lifestyle. We provide a variety of sports and activities that help students develop their physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Educational Systems

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Edunation joins all learning needs into one advanced platform giving students, teachers and parents the right tools for a simpler and more connected learning experience.


Savvas provides K-12 education curriculum and digital learning solutions for students and educators.

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